Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For Monday, October 6

For our "loop" assignment:
1) Read Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (It's a work of science fiction,  so read it with that in mind)
2) Write and/or sketch out some ideas for a looping video work. Review the project parameters, but basically, it simply needs to function as an endless loop (where the end leads back to the beginning). Watch Rodney Graham's videos "Vexation Island" and "How I Became a Rambin' Man" films for semi-narrative examples) or check out David Crawford's "Time Motion Studies" series (pre-Vine!) for a more observational approach.
3) If you have a good idea (or two) start recording! Remember the techniques we covered for the long take assignment - don't forget to use appropriate gear for the shots you need. Use the Panasonic cameras and the same settings that we used for the long takes.
On Monday, we will discuss your ideas and some editing techniques in Premiere.


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